8 rules for dating your ex

And just as you learn when to not fall into the same hole when you’re walking around the block, you have more chance of success when you can avoid the same mistakes next time round the block. Do NOT hurry or try to force anything Be realistic about your situation and what can be achieved in a given time.

Trying to put everything on fast forward is a huge mistake that actually slows down the process — and even permanently halts it.

They might well surprise you –better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed and devastated because you acted out of neediness and desperation. Don’t try to create the same relationship again, instead create one that is better than the old one You can not start a new relationship with your ex from where the old one ended.

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The attraction and feelings you have for each other may still be the same but the relationship you had ended.

And precisely because of that painful experience you are no longer the same people.

If you want him or her to do something and he or she is resisting, ask him or her to try it for a limited time, such as a week, and then evaluate the situation.

This makes him or her feel that he or she is not locked into a decision and that you have his or her best interest at heart.

Dating your ex again isn’t the same as dating someone new.