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Include punchy or emotion-based words in your phrases that grab attention and entice the reader to delve deeper: Life isn't always about the final dish of paella; It's also about the process.

Shopping for those perfect little bi-valves and freshest produce means having fun roaming around my neighborhood farmers market.

Perfect, you *insert nasty word here*, or "hey sexy, nice rack - wanna hook up? So I thought perhaps I'd best gauge the "friendly" back, leave out the "list" and be very open and non-confronting about what I was seeking.

I put my many varied "what I like to do for fun" on the profile, and this is my little blurb: ******************About Me: I'm here to come in contact with LOCAL gentlemen that would be amenable to meeting in person to see if there is attraction - then proceeding in a normal fashion from there for dating, doing things together, etc. I work from home and am very new here to Spokane, so do not have a great many outlets by which I can meet people. I do realize the obvious answer to my not stated yet question is "because you make it very clear that you are not looking for "just sex".

And I think Lookingbill has it right about the poem and song lyrics: They don't further your cause and may detract from it. If a profile is a laundry list of "this is what I want", it sounds to me like the person is focused on what they want (read: selfish), and hasn't told me anything about what they offer or who they are. The best way to get to know someone is to meet them in person.