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The British general who first visited Hunza in the 1870s said there were old people but gave no indication as to the ages.

At that time in history, a person beyond 50 years of age was considered to be well beyond the average life expectancy.

They also like to swim,-in the freezing mountain lakes & streams.(Brrrrrrrr!!!

) The Hunzas practice slow & deep breathing and yoga techniques.

Part of the secret of their longevity seems to be their diet. Their diet is essentially pure food: fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, milk, yogurt & cheese.

They eat very little meat, just poultry, then only once a week. They have as part of their essential staple diet the chapatti *(I have a recipe as the Hunzas make Chapattis if anyone wants it) Thy use mainly buckwheat & wholemeal flour,with the germ still intact.(totally Unrefined) They have boundless energy, working hard physical demanding tasks-for long hours.

What is also extraordinary about the Hunzas, is that: Here is the west, getting old is considered a problem for most people, because it often entails ill health.

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