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The three academic-related items should be given to the girl on Calbania Plains (the sister of the twins that you rescued from Glyde's fortress--right? DIS STUFF IZ TUFF --Quiz Prizes For completing the first three quizzes, you will receive a Pencil (from the small girl), some notes (from the older girl) and a Notebook and Energizer Pack (from the Mayor).

Of course, you won't be able to participate in the quizzes until you've completely saved Pokte Village from the forces of evil. This FAQ is to provide anyone having trouble with a question to look up the correct answer. But I think even the most hardcore gamer who shuns FAQs and Game Sharks will be blown away by the content presented in these questions.

You can also replay any quiz as many times as you like once you've completed them (and get additional prizes--see below).

It's not all Planters and Tootsie Rolls, though, as the Blade Arm is an intense drain on Mega Man's Special Weapon Energy (the blue bar), sucking up almost half of it as soon as you put it on!

The Blade Arm is essentially a lightsaber Mega Man can draw out at will (yes, it is as badass as it sounds), and attacks with a 3-hit combo (a one-two swipe and a jumping slash).

You can hunt down an answer quickly by using the "Find" feature in whatever you're viewing this in (no doubt obvious to many of you). AMERICAN HISTORY-----= =============================== 1) In What year did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation?