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Oliver, Par WFira© Assistant, Field of Agricultural Schools and Departments (Resident, 31 Liberal Arts Annex, University of Massachusetts, Aiaherst) «•«•«•••••••••••••••«•««•••«, Field of Industrial Schools tov Boys and Men Jaaas L* Burke, Field of Industrial Schools for Boys and Men Williaa J.

Taft, Field ot Agricultural Schools and Dep&rtsaents (Resident, 31 Liberal Arts Annex, University of Hasaaehusetts, Aniheret) Charles F.

Makin, Treasurer Trustee* Ex Officio, His Honor, Arthur 3? Deaoond, Jr., Oomalssioner of Education EX Officio, W.

Welsh, Fall River II -U- 8SBF0PJ) INSTITUTE OF TOOTLES AHD mmx/XB, John B» Foster, President Mary P.

[email protected], Director Advisory Board Tera Sydrsji 1958. Buckley, Supervisor of Industries Ifery Pay Bresnahan, /tesiotant Supervisor, Home teaching Ethel M. Mc Lau^ilin, Assistant Supervisor, Children Janet L.

» 73 Treraont Street, Boston B of Board 1956; Mrs, trivia tfebber Segal, Cliairni&it, Boeton 1954* Thoaae Early, Worcester 1954* lire* Helen Sutton, Belaent 1955* Charles Sepueha, Cambridge 1955* Mro. Stanley Dsriadeez, Lawrence Alice W, O'Connor, Supervisor of foci&l Service Charles L* Carey, District Agent (Lawrence) Daniel J* Donahue, District Agent (Fall Elver) Charlos P. Melnnes, District Agent (Springfield) mam vmsim est the blot, 90 mswm snaasr, mm® a John F. Flaberg, Secretary, Waken 1954* George Aleviaos, Boston X770 • •••••••••••••••••••*••••*«•• «*•«•• 1957* Stephanie Barker, i Vatertown 10 -10- af staff Frederick 0* Greohan, Supervisor of Vocational Rehabilitation John J.

*y^ jfryfe p s * Merrick, 32 Buchanan Bead, aoslindale *St*-4taratttee of State Board for Vocational Education to be known ae Haseachusetts Behabilitation Cossaission, IB Treaent litreet, Boston, 1952, c. t SA^DSSS* HKTIRg HSNT BOARD 88 Bread Street, Boston 10 Clayton L. Mildred B* Jenks, Springfield school 3unx John S* Ksrsha U, Administrator T959.