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The blonde hair fake boobs thing is rampant in south tampa.

If it isnt your thing, there are plenty of women outside of south tampa that do not do this. If the 15 or so south tampa establishments aren't your scene, than so be it, but why complain about it?

I thought it was just me, but talk to most guys and they will agree on that.

Look, if you want to buy your clothes at wal-mart, hit Mc Donalds rather than hit the weights, and chainsmoke newports, than nobody is going to fault you for it, but you will be out of place in south tampa.

There are plenty of other nightlife options for you that do not include having to be in south tampa and therefore marketing yourself as a competitive single.

So basically, from this thread, you can learn that: if you are really, really good with the gel, have a super tight affliction shirt, have roided out muscles, get regular spray tans, and are into barbie dolls with dyed hair and fake beachball breasts, you might be able to do well in the singles scene. That said, that is not the whole scene, it really only is the club scene.

Being fit is important in tampa (specifically south tampa) is important if you are single.

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