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The improved clock we install will give you improved signal clarity, fuller harmonic extension of the instrument you are tracking, an apparent increase in volume over the stock design (because of lower phase cancellations), and pinpoint image placement during mix-down.

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The label paired him with a multi-million dollar facility in Reno, Nevada to handle mix-down.

When the mix-down studio guys heard the tracks, they were so impressed that they asked our customer about his recording setup.

He was furious when he saw it, because he said it sounded as good as his million dollar system yet it cost so much less.

We think that says a lot about not only the state of our industry, but also about what we’re doing as a company.” – Black Lion Audio Forget what you thought you knew about digital audio!

It will create phase cancellations during conversion, causing the audio to take on a limp quality, with an apparent loss of volume.