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Hard-edged, guitars stand out for a moment, then vocals cut in for the first verse and Anzai joins Scott vocally.

Then the halting beat continues into the chorus before slowing down to emphasize the lyrics from the chorus.

Defying all odds, they would go on to international Rock success that grew over years of hard work.

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In late 2014 Sick Puppies was shaken up by the departure of their lead vocalist Shimon Moore.

Shimon started a new project called Screaming at Demons, who quickly released a song called "Rockstar" followed by announcing the release of "Our Time" which features Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a guest drummer.

After a short pause, quiet, emotional vocals leads back, creating a solid Alternative Rock love song vibe.

A whirlwind of Hard Rock, to a heavier sound, but it works exceptionally well.

Soon after, they signed to Paul Palmer’s indie label through Virgin Records.