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Authorities point to the case as a startling warning about a malevolent use of Rohypnol, a drug often used to facilitate acquaintance rape.

Police say they found the drug at the suspect's home.

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"These children are victimized, and when the images are shown over and over again, they're victimized over and over again."But Lee Hollander, Vilca's lawyer, called the sentence ridiculous."Daniel had nothing to do with the original victimization of these people; there is no evidence that he's ever touched anybody improperly, adult or minor; and life in prison for looking at images, even child images, is beyond comprehension," he said.

Hollander said Vilca had consistently said he did not know the images were on his computer.

Dozens of interviews and court documents indicate that he was an alternately charming and arrogant salesman whose success hid a succession of firings; whose vanity about weight and age led him to pursue a second round of liposuction and plastic surgery between his rape arrests; whose schemes were so bold that while allegedly carrying a fourth victim into an inn, he was unknowingly interrupted by a former girlfriend who also said she didn't know that she had been similarly assaulted.

Those who knew him are left to ponder what they now see as obsessions and lies: why he would risk the life he had; what drove him to allegedly immobilize the women; and whether there were other victims and videotapes.

Vilca was charged with 454 counts of possession, each count representing one image found on the computer.