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I have probably pulled as many lays from the tube as I have from clubs in my time here.

For hipster girls go East to Shoreditch and Dalston and hit the Hoxton Pony or the Hoxton Bar & Grill. For bottom-of-the-barrel drunken-tourist pump-and-dumps you can’t do better than the meat markets around Leicester Square like Zoo Bar and Tiger Tiger.

Like an epicurean faced with a sushi menu, decide on your preferred flavour and then indulge.

This is fortunate, for London is without doubt the greatest city for pick-up in Europe.

I explain why below, while proffering some tips for how to go about big pimpin’ in the big smoke.

Beyond the mainstream melee of its center, London is a city of tribes, so know the type of girl you want to meet before you come and then position yourself accordingly.