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Lydia told me, “What I find is that more and more men are looking for actual relationships on Tinder, which is a little strange.” Ultimately, there is no consensus amongst my girlfriends about whether apps have killed off the friend with benefits in the hetero dating scene, or if he’s just been downgraded from star of the show to a recurring character.

However, with the abundance of hookup opportunities that technology provides, it really does seem like sex friends may be an endangered species.

While it's important to acknowledge that sexual assault is most often perpetrated by someone who is known to the victim, I personally know many women who feel an uneasiness about going home with someone they met that same night.

My childhood friend Maggie is one such enthusiast for “friends with benefits” arrangements.

We dated for a short stint two years ago, and after each going on to have a few more relationships and a lot more life experience, we reconnected. With both of us in the midst of massive career and potential location changes, commitment is not a card either of us is willing to play at the moment.