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As DJ E-Roc, above photo, spins the grooves at Nick's Fishmarket, a speed-dating game titled "Sex in the City" allows Alika Ward, below, and Kristen Quizon to make each other's acquaintance.The 10-week series of Saturday night matchmaking events ends May 3.The best part is that, drastically unlike Tinder, everyone there was actually looking for a relationship, or at the very least a second date.

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With speed dating, you’re getting snapshots-in-the-flesh of actual humans, along with everything about their personality that accounts for that little thing we all so desperately need in order for a relationship to work (again, chemistry).

And worse comes to worst, if it’s awful, you know that in five minutes, it will all be over -- unlike that horrific Tinder date you went on last week that lasted an hour and a half because you were too polite to leave. With Speed NY Dating, people are limited to the age bracket 24 to 38.

Speed dating actually was dreamed up by a Los Angeles-area rabbi two years earlier as a way of matching up Jewish singles in his temple. Gather an equal number of men and women, allow them three minutes of conversation with each member of the opposite sex, and have them rate each person's dating desirability on scorecards. The version of power dating at Nick's Fishmarket, however, seemed more harmless icebreaker and popularity contest than serious matchmaking session.

Organizers collect the cards and later reveal to participants the identities of individuals who gave them the highest marks. The man and woman with the highest scores tallied from all scorecards received $100 each and the opportunity to come back for a final competition May 3, where a grand prize of $500 would be awarded to the most date-worthy of each sex.

Surprisingly, there were more men than women -- most of whom were young, professional, and new to New York.