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Unlike me, she hadn’t dreamed of meeting someone Jewish and having a Jewish wedding. I was only able to relax around non-Jewish women, because I didn’t feel the same pressure; that’s how I met, and fell in love with, my wife.

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Think Larry David, Joan Rivers, Rita Rudner, and Jerry Seinfeld just to name a few. Get used to the phrase, “I’m worried” when you’re in love with a Jewish broad. We’re deep thinkers and concerned citizens of the world.

Whether you’ve got a religious lady or a non-practicing woman of the Moses order, know you’ve picked a stellar, smart, sexy, and educated woman.

After all, my wife Shirley and I have been married for seventy years, so we must know a thing or two about sex, having produced four children within six years, our personal brand of planned parenthood. BUT WHEN I TOLD a horny old fellow about the policy at the Hebrew Home for the Aged, he asked, “You don’t have to be Jewish, do you?

Moreover, the subject matter was not unknown to me in my journalistic career; fifty years ago, scrambling to support a growing brood, I wrote a forgettable piece for a humor magazine entitled, “I was a philanderer for the FBI.” It was anonymous My first interview in my new assignment was with Ruth, an elderly woman whom I accosted during lunchtime in the dining room. ” and applied on the spot for transfer to Riverdale, with circumcision only if necessary.

But even while my relationships with non-Jewish girls fizzled, I still didn’t have any other options.