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So it's natural that writing would be such a central thread in the book. Q: The writing filled the gap that you formerly had been filling with alcohol. And it was through writing — only through writing — that I was able to reach this place that drinking could never quite deliver me to.

Q: Another thing your writing is intertwined with, it would seem, is your sobriety. Batman has been a lot of things during the past 77 years: A gun-toting vigilante, an object of panic at the height of American homophobia, a campy '60s television icon, a grumbly middle-aged antihero and a mass media star. They're similar in some ways, drinking and writing. I enjoy being with people, but I do need a lot of time on my own. I mean, compared to a Kardashian, I'm certainly a shut-in. Q: It was an issue in some of your relationships, especially the one with Dennis, who complained that you never wanted to go out and socialize.

Your love life and your career have largely been intertwined in some way. I think the reason is that my career is based on something that's so fundamental to me as a person, and that predates my career, which is writing.

All my relationships, whether love relationships or friendships or working relationships or family, have always, in one way or another, revolved around writing, because that's something that I've done since I was in the single digits.

My mother, as mentally ill and fractured as she was, was a writer her whole life and encouraged me to write from a very, very early age, and I did.