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But the Hero Rats’ life is not all sniffing and bananas, they have had their share of criticism too.

British Army vet Andy Smith, who works with de-mining groups worldwide, told the online magazine Miller-Mc Cune that while mine-detecting rats are “media-sexy” and attract a lot of money, they’re highly inefficient: Their legs are too small to walk regular patterns in overgrown fields, so vegetation must be trimmed, and the rats attached to a string to literally keep them in line.

An American photographer was trying to capture hippos at a watering hole in South Africa when this battle began right in front of him.

In the midst of awe at the power of the photos, the first ever shot of a leopard attacking this huge reptilian foe, the newspaper reports do mention the key question: Why would the leopard even bother?

The rat sniffs up and down the box, moving through different lanes, systematically.

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