Sped force bengole porn

The state minister for posts and telecommunications claimed the announcement about such list was “baseless” and blasted her critics for trolling without fact-checking.

Tarana clarified that a committee had been formed to list pornographic websites in Bangladesh so that access to these websites can be restricted.

“I have read in newspapers that a section of the population is getting involved in crime because of their addiction to porn,” she wrote.

State Minister Halim reiterated the government’s stance on pornography which she alleges is contrary to the country’s social norms and values.

Earlier on November 28, the government formed a committee to restrict access to pornography and objectionable content on the web from Bangladesh.

State Minister Halim says fear of being outed as a porn viewer will act as a deterrent.

The junior minister made the statement while inaugurating the e-file tracking system on Monday that aims to ensure accountability, transparency, honesty.

The decline isn’t merely a seasonal fluctuation or a single outlier result.

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