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He has published several other studies of the news media and the entertainment media, the best known being Popular Culture and High Culture (1974, 1999).In it, he challenged the conventional wisdom that high culture aesthetic standards were universal, arguing instead that cultural tastes reflect educational levels and other aspects of class.In the transcription I have placed these directly before the recipe titles.

Still active as an emeritus professor, an adjunct professor, and a writer, in 2008 Gans published a new book on public policy and politics, Imagining America in 2033.

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It is the only Middle Dutch culinary manuscript which has not seen an edition in the twentieth century, the first and last printed edition dating from 1872 (Keukenboek, uitgegeven naar een handschrift der vijftiende eeuw, C. The text consists of two chapters, with respectively 33 and 29 recipes, all written in the same hand.

I do realise that this may be the cause of some confusion, but a new title seems to me better than using a frase which was not yet in use in the fifteenth century, and is not used anymore in the twentyfirst century. Pannekoek in de vastentijd 1.19 Witte worst 1.20 Zwanenhals 1.21. maakt men als volgt Over baksels in de vastentijd 1.26. Om pasteitjes te maken van snoek, kabeljauw, zeebaars 1.28.

The book is also well known for its critical analysis of the area's clearance as an alleged "slum" and the West Enders' displacement from their neighborhood.