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She even gets us to empathize with the person in the power spot." The New York Post wrote: "A teacher sexually obsessed with the high school student with whom she's having an illicit affair gradually loses her bearings in an evocative but ultimately hollow indie drama.

Writer-director Hannah Fidell makes the common indie mistake of thinking that a dramatic situation is all you need for a movie, but demonstrates an impressive restraint and an ability to manufacture queasy suspense without much dialogue." Ignatiy Vishnevetsky from The A. Club gave a positive review, writing: "Because contemporary indies tend to overvalue broad generational statements, A Teacher – which is candid, character focused, and only 75 minutes long – initially feels like a breath of fresh air.

Back at Diana's home, she and Sophia discuss their plans for Thanksgiving she tells Diana, she's going to introduce her to Rich (Cody Haltom) and Dan (Matthew Genitempo).

Diana then gets a text message from Eric to send a picture so he won't miss her as much, while Sophia is talking, Diana takes a suggestive picture and sends it to Eric.

From "Dangerous Minds" and "Freedom Writers" to "Mr.