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Here is an interview with her and west coast writer Michelle Smith when Tyler Summitt was hired.

(Here is another article announcing the rebirth of LTU basketball under Tyler Summitt. ESPN W’s Lynn Olszowy wrote it in 12/2014) Let’s be real; the baby boomer’s love to spoil their kids. But in reality it’s created a very self-absorbed generation who is used to their parents paving the way.

The media came to Ruston in droves wanting to know more about the golden child of icon Pat Summitt. I posted on social media one statement; LOL what a joke.

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I’m not going to say her name or get into the details but I feel beyond sad for Tylers wife.

To realize that the whole world knows about your husband cheating is pretty rough.

If you want a hit tv show nowadays you need 3 things; Sexy people, sex, and violence. In fact the worse a character is the more we like them.

From Breaking Bad to Tony Soprano; we eat it up like it’s got the antidote. Again, there have been rumors that the girl Tyler had an affair with is pregnant.

LSU head coach Pokey Chatman had a bizarre situation when one of her ex players; and present assistants; threw her under the bus and said they were in a relationship.