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Christine's arch rival Jordan also has her eye on ...See full summary » This is a very unusual teen sex comedy.

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The first and overall best of the sex scenes takes place when the three fairies, amusingly all endowed with Valley girl twangs, bestowing their gifts on the newborn princess by taking turns on elderly King Hubert's massive skin flute.

The dapper old codger's imbued with considerable charm by veteran Do P Jake Jacobs employing his customary performer alias of "Jay Crew" and the girls are certainly gagging for it, although I could have done with a bit less of their constant billing and cooing.

Prior to being able to exact her revenge, Maleficent has to hunt down the errant royalty who's being raised as a peasant girl by the fairies in the woods.

Following a chance meeting with her betrothed, Prince Philip (the vacuous Michael Vegas), she spies on her folks when they were amorous youngsters making out in the great outdoors as they did not yet have a castle to go to. Insanely popular '90s skin flick starlet Shayla La Veaux looks terrific as the future Queen and does a creditable number on her King Mick Blue (in real life actually Albrite's husband !

How this applies to the current state of the adult industry is that no matter how much you spend on production and CGI (huh ?

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