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That awesomeness in quality also made its way into movie theaters during the decade, blessing box offices with some of the biggest films ever made, like .

But what were the decade's greatest films, financial statistics not withstanding?

What differentiated Snapchat from its competitors was its disappearing message feature which quickly caught on with those who wanted to “sext” but not have their pictures end up on one of those revenge porn sites.

Snaps disappear within 10 seconds of receiving them, which creates a level of engagement not found anywhere else on social media. Evan Spiegel publicly said that about 500 million messages are exchanged on Snapchat every single day back in August of 2014.

Find out here as we count down the 50 best movies of the '90s.

As far as tablets go, the new Kindle Fire is one of the best family-friendly values out there.

The most important parts of content creation on Snapchat: So you’ve added your contacts, you’re producing content consistently that is both consistent with your niche and displays your winning personality, but you still only have a couple hundred followers or less.