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She always strives to improve herself and therefore welcomed the opportunity given to her by farm management when they enrolled her at the International Leadership Academy, 1- 5 June 2015, for a leadership course.

The Waitrose Foundation encourages the expansion of sport and recreation activities to minimize the above mention risk and maximize development opportunities with children/youth who […] CONTINUE READING It’s been a busy few months for the Great Fruit Adventure since displaying its motorbikes at the London Produce Show and Conference in June and attracting the attention of a global audience.

But it has paid off as the innovative endeavour has won the backing of both the Waitrose Foundation and the Fairtrade Foundation […] CONTINUE READING The English Test Team Captain, Alastair Cook, will be visiting the Western Cape in January 2016.

If you find something interesting in what another is posting, you can post a reply and begin a two-way conversation that may or may not have anything to do with what the other chatters are chatting about.

This can lead to setting up a "private chat room" which is basically the same as two people exchanging IMs.

In a couple of instances I've used photos of people who just happen to closely resemble someone I once knew.

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    Question #14.) Would you miss a sports game for me?

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    i=2&height=500&width=450&modal=false')" style="color:#c100a7;" In view of commissioning of double line Southern Railway has announced that some trains would be partially cancelled and a few others diverted due to line block in connection with the commissioning of double line between Vriddhachalam and Mathur section.