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I shall mention only the work at Hazor, Shechem, Gibeon, and Jerusalem.

At Hazor, Yigael Yadin dug for four years (1955-58), uncovering parts of the most extensive walled city yet found in Palestine, covering something like a hundred acres.

Not until we reach Thucydides can we see in Greek literature anything comparable to the best Old Testament writing in this respect.

It is, however, natural that there should be a long debate about the degree of historicity. Of course, form one point of view all the Old Testament is historical because all of its parts reflect an historical situation, a situation in which its authors lived. Speiser of the University of Pennsylvania called attention a number of years ago to the fact that in a few cases where the Biblical sources and the Assyrian sources refer to the same event, the Biblical reference is generally more accurate.

The oldest parts of the Old Testament are much earlier than anything in Greek literature, even the Homeric epics.