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According to Bilgirami, 7,561 cases were reported from Sindh and the least number of cases, 306, were reported from Balochistan.

Unrest, targeted killing of the legal fraternity, weak law enforcement, absence of rule of law and overall social, cultural and religious barriers stop people in Pakistan, especially women and girls, to come forward and report violence perpetrated against them, said Bilgrami.

Modern-day Pakistani transgender people claim to be cultural heirs of eunuchs who thrived at the courts of the Mughal emperors that ruled the Indian subcontinent for two centuries until the British arrived.

Now, they live daily as pariahs, often reduced to begging and prostitution.

Smartphone app launched for women to report harassment According to the World Economic Forum, it will take another 169 years to bridge the gender gap at our current pace, he shared.