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Nothing new to write about today, so let’s try a new post format for days like this…

He laughs and grabs the money, a big smile on his face, and I get on the bike While I hold it steady and lean forward, you get on the back and sit in the seat, your feet on the back wheelnuts it shakes side to side a bit as I start to pedal, the cobbles rattling the wheels, you squeal a little worried you’ll fall but as we pick up speed it gets better and your squeals of fear become squeals of delight, like a little girl being given a cookie so I pedal up to the hotel and park the bike outside reception the garden looks exactly like this now there’s noone around, it’s abotu 11pm and everyone is either in bed, or out by the sea your heart is still beating fast from the bike ride, and hanging onto me you grab onto my arm as we walk up the steps.

But here are my expanded plans for games to play this weekend: Valkyria Chronicles (PS3, playing more of it) Red Faction Guerilla (Xbox 360, starting it), Swords and Soldiers (Wii Ware, reviewing it), The Sims 3 (PC, checking it out).

Nov 1 (All Saints) - Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Ocala FL - am.

Nov 2 (All Souls) - Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Ocala FL - am.

Games on deck are: Red Faction: Guerilla for my Xbox 360, Patapon 2 for my PSP.