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Recently, after being a relative recluse for Joel’s entire life (with the exception of the odd drunken public appearance), after a stupid error on Joel’s part there are now pictures of me, ‘Joel’s part’, on the internet.I was quite happy being a completely unknown penis and this new-found fame is frankly horrific for me and Joel, although we have both realised that it’s better to laugh about it than cry about it (Only Joel can Laugh but we can both cry…).

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A cruelly-obtained video of Joel ‘jerking off’ (you may prefer other terms such as ‘jerking the chain’, ‘strangling the monkey’, ‘washing the carrot’, ‘humiliating the unicorn’ or worst of all ‘masturbating’) in a beanie (seriously who wears a beanie when they ‘polish the bath taps’?!

I’m supposed to be the only one who wears a hat during sex.

The comedian, 31, admitted while he was in the jungle that a video of him engaging in a sex act during a Skype conversation, many years ago, had worked its way on to the internet.

And seeing as the leaking of this video was technically a crime, obtained through something commonly known as ‘catfishing’, the comic’s member feels it’s time to poke us with the truth.

That way, if anybody else sees it, you can deny it, because it's just a bunch of faceless body parts floating around on a screen. It's widely held that men are visually stimulated and women don't know how to use their eyeballs except to look at shoes and children and housework.