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Seeing all the weight, status, girl topics we are having I must ask in the most direct way possible Do you girls find a fat guy ugly?I ask this because this afternoon me and two friends went out with 3 girls. The thing is one of my friends is fat, not really FAAAT but he is like 1.65 and chubby he isn't nerdy at all and he has had some action.

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Cleanlyness - This is the one that has the most to do w/ this thread.

I often feel this is the biggest advantage you can have when first meeting a woman. if you want to be inside here mouth you better not appear dirty.

But at the end of the encounter when we were outside and about to say goodbye my friend (the fat one) got a phone call and walked a little farther to answer it.

Then the girls give me and my other friend their number and their messenger address, my other friend wanted some action so he was pretty excited, me being curious asked"Don't you want me to give you my friend's (the fat one) number?

My boyfriend is bulking right now and he's probably almost up to 180 now, he's about 6 feet, and he's not fat at all. And girls hit on him quite often, so he's neither fat nor ugly. You said everyone was enjoying his humor and all of that, but would rather date you guys (who could have been doing nothing entertaining the entire time) because you "looked better"?