Dating a catfighter

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Neither Veronica nor Ashley are terribly likable, but the actresses keep them grounded and believable, no matter how crazed or violent they get.

The movie around them is “South Park”-style, take-no-prisoners assault that mostly (but not always) avoids easy disses of the right, of the left, of richies, of progressives.

This is a Colicchio-Ramsay collaboration, with 16 trendy restaurants from around the country competing against each other. Depending on the depth of Gordon Ramsay’s involvement, there might be yelling and scallop-related shame. Is this a show about pretending to be attracted to someone you aren’t because you want to be part of a “social experiment”?

Are we going to see people gag when they kiss each other?

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" are back -- and wilder than ever!