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One of the often-mentioned benefits of moving up to Hi-Speed USB devices is Hi-Speed USBs ability to cope with multiple streams of USB 1.1 data.This capability depends upon the presence of a feature know as a transaction translator (TT) in a Hi-Speed USB hub.If you dont enable this option, your Hi-Speed USB ports will work like USB 1.1 ports.

Theres a second reason to keep your USB keyboard plugged into your computers built-in USB ports instead of those provided by an add-on host adapter: depending upon your system, your USB keyboard might not work until Windows starts if it is plugged into an add-on card instead of the motherboard.

USB hubs and cables have been popular since the first USB 1.1 ports were introduced several years ago.

This can be an unpleasant surprise if you thought you had Hi-Speed USB ports that were ready to work.

Unlike USB 1.1 ports, Hi-Speed USB ports sometimes require some effort to configure, both from a BIOS standpoint and a driver standpoint.

When you upgrade to a Hi-Speed USB host adapter card or motherboard with Hi-Speed USB ports, you need to replace your existing USB hubs.

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