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Also the passing of Andy Potter of Radio Derby, he was very fond of us when we were in the area.Plus the passing of Sir Gerald Kaufman, a fine fellow, Father of the House.So why is this new street drug referred to both the Flocka drug or the Flakka drug?

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A new designer drug called the Flakka $5 insanity has hit the streets in recent times, but although media reports typically refer it as the Flakka drug, it actually may be more popularly known as the Flakka drug in honor of hip hop artist Waka Flocka Flame.

In a related report by the , the latest incident involving Flakka’s side effects had one Melbourne, Florida, man named Kenneth Crowder declaring his secret identity as the god Thor before fighting police, and that is not even the really crazy part.

A memory that myself and my brother John will never forget.

John got to talk to him for a good half hour in the dressing room.” Now that all the Hoohaing and Fussing and Fighting is over, all the boxes counted, winners and losers declared, in the Stoke and Copeland By-elections, there is just one more thing that I would like to add.

Now on a much brighter note, the 2017 Conference, yes we are back in Blackpool, much to the delight of more than just a few of you.