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In France you’ll hear this word on an daily basis, because it’s used to express “having re-seen” a person, place or things, in another life or dimension. The French do too believe in the weird phenomenon (of course they do! That word we all learn to describe the “illusion” of a cold water fountain in the distance while trekking through a long, hot desert.

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Contrary to popular belief, a mirage is (I thought I saw an island; it was a mirage). For one, it’s a fancy word in English for telling someone they’re “fake,” or more nicely, “putting up a front.” “Frontage” or “face” is the literal English translation of this French word, but not exactly a person’s face, as figuratively used in English.

“(bag), though the original meaning has nothing to do with how English or French speakers actually use the phrase. Cul-de-sac, mostly seen in real-estate writing, is an elegant English way to say the “dead end” of a road. In case you never did, it’s an original French acronym: “Respond If It Pleases You” or “Respond If You Please,” there we go again with that grammatical contraction.

In French, the elegant, more formal way to say “dead end” is “. ” while giving a standing ovation, raising both of your hands clasped together to make a single fist, shaking it from left to right. If you’re wondering—nope, there’s no English translation or acronym, we completely stole it from the French.

(To sleep in late./To sleep the entire morning.) You shout “Encore! A phrase English speakers use after an impeccable performance. For English speakers encore is only related to show biz, but in French it’s a daily dose. “Yet,” “still” or “even” are more intricate translations. ) You’ve been invited to countless weddings, showers, sweet sixteens and bat/bar mitzvahs your whole life, but did you ever think about what R. If you’re returning from an amazing trip, you’ll no doubt bring back an amazing gift for yourself or friends, a.k.a. For English speakers a souvenir is tangible, physical, and visible. The verb in French does describe a physical relic that induces “recollection,” it also defines any old “memory.” This might be the most borrowed French phrase, not only in English, but in other romance languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian.

Talking About Romantic Boyfriends Using Boyfriend in Context Community Q&A French is considered "the language of lovers." But it's hard to be endearing towards your partner if you don't know how to refer to him.