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Wolff's other film credits include appearing in the Nickelodeon TV movie special Mr.

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In 2010, he starred in his brother's playwright What Would Woody Do? Wolff starred alongside Selena Gomez, Austin Stowell and Mary-Louise Parker in the independent film Feed The Dog (formerly titled Parental Guidance Suggested) and in the comedy film Admission, alongside Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, and Michael Sheen, both in 2013.

It was announced in the March of 2014 that John Green's Paper Towns would be turned into a movie with Nat Wolff playing the role of protagonist Quentin Jacobsen , simply known as .

“Peter Bognanni’s book is full of great characters, not the least of which is Buckminster Fuller, a man whose ideas are so spectacular they seem like fiction,” Livolsi said.

“He did things his own way just like the punk heroes the boys in our story aspire to become.” Karam added, “Danielle and I are thrilled to have such an amazing cast to bring Peter’s funny and poignant script to life.

The show produced two soundtrack albums and the single "Crazy Car" reached #23 on the Top 200 Billboard Charts.