Porn chat without login

He has always seemed disgusted by this industry in the past.

I saw a couple more pictures over the course of the next 8 months but again I never searched his phone because I guess I didn't want to know it was bad.

Then one picture of a woman's face that I did not recognize.

I clicked on it a was led to a porn sight that said there are 40 some odd women within 10 miles of his home that were ready to have sex with him.

I will need to set up a new account but please if anyone gas any advice if you could post it on the website I will update email once I set one up.

Baffled in Austin Hi, I'm sorry you are going through this, but after reading your initial question (regarding your husband and porn addiction), and reading the remainder of your story..sounds like the issue really is not about your husband watching porn, but rather, his SOLICITING sex from other women.

Anyway he left his phone on the coffee table when he was in bed sick. On his favorites album there were about eight pictures.