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The fit can be tricky hard when it comes to blazers.You want to make sure that its not too boxy, that it will show off shape, and will still look hot.It’s about a clutch that holds your phone, some gum, and a lipstick is all that you’d really need for a wedding.

Or you can spend $350 and get it fitted to where the length is perfect, the waist is taken in, and it looks flawless.

No matter where you live, you can just go to a local dry cleaner and have them snip it, hem it, and take it in just right.

Whereas jumpsuits can be more forgiving; they have a looser fit and can accentuate your waist.

Women with a larger bust tend to look better in a jumpsuit. It depends on what kind of girl you are and what you’re comfortable wearing." Bestseller: CAMEI PANTSUIT @apartment8official Few pcs left! I was in there the other day and saw some really cool suiting, trousers, and jumpsuits.

"You want to feel comfortable and look chic; it doesn’t have to be about a kajillion rings and a necklace.