What is open dating relationship

Do you think you'd still be with your partner if your relationship wasn't open? I hadn't considered an open relationship before him. How did opening your relationship improve your relationship with your partner (or make it worse)? What advice would you give someone who wants to start an open relationship? Woman A: I'm in kind of a transition period in my life after my divorce so it's really hard to say.

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But there's no limit to how much love we have or how much love we can give. I always try to respect my boyfriend and his wife and daughter. What do you get from other people that you don't get from your partner, if anything? Woman B: Sexual experiences with a different person, which would be impossible for my partner to provide. Woman A: Because I fell for a guy who was already in one. I feel very free to be who I am, and after feeling so stifled in my marriage it's refreshing to feel like I can explore and enjoy life again.

We are very committed to each other and are both in love, and would never do anything to hurt the other. Woman B: In order to meet and experience new people.

He was very straightforward about it and never tried (or tries) to hide anything. We also like talking about relationships principles in the abstract and we're both unconventional, so it wasn't really a leap to apply it to ourselves.

" He told me he was polyamorous and had a wife, and that his wife had a boyfriend. It tied into our conversations about the future and not limiting each other.

So I asked him in a text, "who all lives in your house with u?