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Some tubes, like Telefunken, don’t have acid date code, it’s usually printed on the glass as part of the silk screen and very easily removed. This is much more complicated since there is no standardization on that, each factory used their own codes.

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Stanley Mullard worked for the Admiralty during the Great War, working on the design of transmitting valves.

He was, therefore, well placed to enter the post war manufacturing industry with the knowledge that he had gained. in 1919, he rapidly rose to the position of Managing Director. The premises were used by Mullard for his manufacturing requirements while his new plant was being prepared in Hammersmith (London).

The collaboration with Philips further grew the business but introduced tensions because military contracts and foreign ownership did not mix.

In spite of this Mullard sold the rest of his shares to Philips in 1927.

The Z Electric Lamp Co., operating from Southfields (London), made both receiving and transmitting valves for the Admiralty, Royal Air Force, The General Post Office and the War Office. This had significant financial backing from the Radio Communication Co. Their interest being in having a competitor to the Marconi monopoly within marine radio. Mullard's first ventures were variations of the 'R' type valve as well as transmitting valves.