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Maybe that's why you don't see him with a girlfriend--cause no one can meet his standards. A girl who doesn't check up on him 24/7 and tells him to spend time with her. I HATE THESE REPORTERS..those ppl who made this up dont have a freaking life.just can't leave poor lee hom alone away from his private stuff.. and he doesn't act gay, he doesn't dress gay, he doesn't talk gay, NOTHING BOUT HIM IS GAY!! Untitled-15.jpg by tammiest, 11 November 2008 - AM.

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having the same phone is normal but shu qi's action makes people raise a question mark. Put pressure on people and when people break up, make such a big deal. Good for them if they are together and if they aren't together, I feel bad for them. so..245390852 more people have it too..=T dont really get how much connection THAT makes.. They can even fabricate a whole story about their 'underground relationship' just because the two have the same cell phone? HK media reallly doesn't have anything better to do. It is just really bad but I do think she is kind of pretty. I often change my phone whenever there's something more cooler than the one I've got so it doesn't mean anything to have the same phone as are someone like me! just having the same cellphone doesn't mean anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if it's jus a coincidence then why does she have to hide it? her hiding the phone makes it seem like she doesn't want ppl to know and it encourages ppl to tink that there's somethin goin on between them i think its just a coincidence..that cellphone looks a little bit plain...doesnt seem anything special.leehom was going to give his "gf" a gift...i think he would buy it with his own money instead of giving his "gf" a cellphone that someone else sponsors jesus! but i really dont like Shu Qi much..she's older im guessing? LEEHOM's MINE ^^ lol What a retarded peice of article. I just thought leehom will be with someone who at least speak proper english so what? Is so stupid how the media have nothing better to do than try to find little things to talk about and make a big rumor out of it. If it is brand new, obviously everyone who can afford can buy one! Do i just have to wear Hacken's watch, then use Lee Hom's cellphone and eat Vic's favorite dish to be linked to them ? and i guess that shu qi is trying to create some, you know, rumour between lee hom and herself by acting so weird as if 100% you want everybody says that " you must be a lee hom's gf".

mainly because they've never really gotten a picture of him dating a girl or something.

I'm sorry if I was confusing everyone, but I was just being sarcastic.

I don't know the extact time that he talks about his idea girl, look for it yourself. I know what you mean about the Jacky Cheung/Leehom Wang photos.