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And she mentions – a few times – how much she wishes she had some grandchildren! Though not an auto-biography this delightfully intimate book does cover various parts of her life in-depth, her thoughts on motherhood, ageing, friendship, younger men, fitness, makeup, skincare, cosmetic surgery, dating, menopause and HONEST observations about how trashy the Paris Hilton/Madonna/pole dancing effect has negatively impacted women.

She says that she was not always the best mother and realizes how difficult it may have been for her children to live with a celebrity mom who was often traveling on location for films. Regarding some of the reviewers who express disappointment that some of her material is reprinted from "Raquel Welch: Total Bea This book is FANTASTIC!!

Of course, as you would expect, Raquel does reveal the inside dope on her childhood, marriages, romances, family, travels,and acting career.

She exams her mistakes and seems to have learned a great deal from them. Naturally, generous time is spent on revelations about careers: beauty contests, the pin-up poster Far more than just a movie star's autobiography, this non-fiction book is a road map of how-to-live-your-life with a positive attitude and good health.

Women can choose to except getting older and do it with style or they can fight it with plastic surgery, looking worse for the wear, and other extreme makeovers. She was always very private and the tabloids never seemed to have much to say about her, except for showing strikingly beautiful photos of her.