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The only thing that kept me watching this movie was Alyson Hannigan herself. Friday night usually means date night, and if you don’t have something planned, you can get yourself into a bit of trouble.

If you want to be (or at least appear to be) a little more cultured and watch a foreign film, we’ve got that too.

There’s even romantic animation if that’s what you’re into.

If you’d rather watch a TV show instead of a movie, check out the best TV shows streaming on Netflix.

There’s bound to be something you can watch that will make the two of you want to sit a little closer on the couch.

At the start of the film Alysson Hannigan opens her diary and writes in her weight, how many cigarettes she smoked and how many alcohol units shes had that day. Alysson Hannigan has worked with Tara Reid in the popular series of films American Pie.

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    Sometimes I conclude that I’ve been shoved (never to emerge again) headfirst into the Friend Zone. I think that you should let go of the idea that it’s the man’s job to initiate the kissing stuff the way you’ve let go of the idea that it’s his job to do the paying for stuff. Then the next time you go out, ask if you can kiss him and see how that goes.

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