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In lawsuits, the Missouri woman seeks more than $5 million, and Deal, who thinks she was drugged and raped three times, requests at least $6 million. "Let me up." Her voice rises as the sex acts continue. Sera called repeatedly, Sera said, threatening to leave the country.

"Not many people are stupid enough to tape themselves engaging in wrongful conduct," said Jack Spooner, the Missouri woman's attorney. All you have to do is show it to the jury." Defense attorney Hall has a different view of the images on the tape. After two nights, he returned the girl on the promise he'd get the tape.

The women agreed to the tapings, he said, and he has never even seen Rohypnol.

The explicit visual record has made his a unique case and set the rape suspect and his defense on a course of showing that the taped sex acts were consensual.

The women in the Texas and Missouri cases said they're too devastated to be interviewed. When she moved out April 1, she said, she was convinced her husband was having an affair.