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All that remained on Mount Kenya was its volcanic plug – a core of treacherous, sharp-edged spikes sticking up like a sore, broken tooth.The ice now nestled between them and formed mighty glaciers that fed many rivers and streams running off its massive shoulders, providing a permanent cascade of water onto richly fertile soil around the base.But to this day the secret has been guarded and kept by the wild creatures of the forest. Santa Claus has since become a figure of wide-eyed enchantment for local children, especially as the day draws near for him to come down the mountain, bring them presents and take the seasonal spirit of giving and goodwill all over Africa.

It had grown so tall that ice and snow had covered its cone, reaching far into the Equatorial sky.

Mount Kenya’s frosty summit then towered over the massive Alps in Europe.

on her tiny delicate feet, to sneak up without a sound on an unsuspecting lizard or baby bird.

But she had an especially sweet tooth and was exceptionally greedy, so in the season of the ripening berries, she wandered far longer and further than the others to satisfy her craving.

At these times, she would eat much too much and grew fatter and fatter.