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The white men built forts in the Kiowa country, and the Negro soldiers (the Tenth Cavalry, made up of Negro troops) shot the buffalo as fast as they could, but the buffalo still kept coming on, coming on, even into the post cemetery at Fort Sill. Then the white men hired hunters to do nothing but kill the buffalo.

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These were not compatible, harmonious goals that could provide the basis for interracial harmony.

January, 1873, Camp Supply: Captain Pratt and twenty troopers of the 10th Cavalry traveled in below zero weather wearing buffalo overcoats!

Thirteen of the Buffalo Soldiers had severe frostbitten hands and feet.

After a month in jail and a $10.00 fine, the American desperados were back in business. He is now known for his work as an early educator and of the Carlisle Indian boarding school experience.

A summer of concerted Comanche raiding could drive the settlement line back as far as one hundred miles—a state of affairs previously unknown, terrifying, and galling to a burgeoning population quite sure of its place in the world and its favor in the eyes of God.