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I can see everything happening and I’m over it and nothing is sinking in. We also took time to sink in that we’re in the film.

Now as we know how you got the film, we even want to know how you were awestruck by Aamir Khan, you took selfies at his house…

His 2007 film, Taare Zameen Par, was produced by him and debuted him as a director.

Khan received the Filmfare Awards for Best Director and Best Film of 2007.

Khan is considered a perfectionist and invests his energy in only one or two films a year.

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    We also spoke to the coordinator of another human trafficking working in Kamathipura. He said the pimps go to the villages to buy the girls and young women from their parents.

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    Most Nepali films are narrative, and are shot on 16-millimeter film. The first Nepali-language film was Satya Harischandra, which was released in 1951 in Darjeeling, India, and produced by D. However, the first Nepali-language movie made by the Nepalese private sector was Maitighar, which starred Mala Sinha and was released in 1966.

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