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Michael was hesitant, at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea of feeling his mother’s tits.

He turned, facing her and leaving his cock out, and gently grabbed her size 40 D tits, slowly rubbing the nipples, which by now, where small, brown rocks in his grip.

Michael groaned and bucked his hips, chanting his mother’s name over and over, calling her names such as dirty slut and every man’s whore.

Only a few minutes passed, and Michael could hold back no longer.

He began moaning and groaning, shouting Tammy’s name as streams of thick, creamy white cum exploded from his engorged cock, spraying up onto his chest and coating his hand.

She hadn’t seen it in years and was thoroughly shocked and aroused by how large her son’s cock actually was. Tammy remembered all too well just how big Larry’s cock was and how it forced her pussy wide open.

Michael still kept his eyes closed as low, throaty groans escaped his lips.

She fell into the chair and flung her legs wide open, reaching down and pulling her hairy pussy lips apart, revealing her well used, well lubricated cunt.

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