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I then found that it was the GPS itself that was the issue as I still had the same problem.

Since it was out of warranty, I decided to buy a replacement.

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Garmin problem keeps updating traffic receiver seximagekarina

This isn’t in my department.” So I whipped out my phone and a Google search took me to 2001 Audio Video who had it for $50 less than Best Buy. But I did not make it out the door before a salesperson stopped me and asked if I needed help.

I told them that I wanted a GPS and nobody would help me.

Fixed issue with shortcuts that enable or disable maps remaining highlighted after being selected.

Fixed issue with certain characters on the Czech or Polish keyboards in landscape orientation.

Thus I was leaving to get it elsewhere as I found a store that had it $50 less than they did. Have a nice day.” Clearly Best Buy didn’t want my business.