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I didn’t read Mein Kampf for many years, but I knew the position of the author.” Levine told the Times, “ The reaction to the book is an example of the kind of hysteria I am talking about.” In dozens of interviews on radio and television over the past three months, Levine has definitely sharpened her sound bite.Here’s a good one: “ If I wanted to design a large, long-term study to prove the point of my book, it would be the Catholic Church — a culture in which there is a rigid enforcement of secrecy and ignorance about sexuality that demands absolute obedience to authority by children.Some of them were horrible, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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But neither pornography nor the standard-issue sex ed in public school explained anything about the mechanics of the act.

At 16, during the height of the sexual revolution, she looked into the matter a little more closely. I’ll never get this again,” she recalls, laughing.

“ I knew that wasn’t what Judith said.” Not surprisingly, most of Levine’s critics haven’t read her book, which is exhaustively researched and substantiated.

Long-time anti-porn activist Judith Reisman told The New York Times: “ It doesn’t take a great deal to understand the position of the writer.

You get adults in perverse situations and kids in danger.” Levine is an energetic defender of sexual civil liberties, whether she is battling Fox’s Greta Van Susteren or chatting in the car en route to Hardwick from the Burlington International Airport. “ I felt like my reputation was really in danger, that my work was trivialized, and it was,” she says.