User control not updating visual studio datingtrah ru

Note: When you invoke the Stamp Workitem Cache Web method, the performance of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server might temporarily degrade.The performance impact depends on how many Team Foundation users are connected when you invoke the method.Well, I could not fix it in the end, But I've used a solution by Anatoly Mironov (…).

TFS 2015 | TFS 2013 To prevent workspace errors from occurring during version control or build operations in Team Foundation, the data cache on client computers must be updated after certain maintenance operations.

After you move, restore, rename, or fail over a data-tier or application-tier server or after you recover from a failure such as a hardware malfunction, you must refresh the cache for tracking work items and users must refresh the version control cache on client computers.

For both the Umbraco Framework AND the new module, we'll change the default webserver into a "custom" one.

This is just a link to the local domain name we created in IIS. We can start creating a new user control and put breakpoints in them.

NET Web Application project in the folder Umbraco Modules. We won't need the web.config and default.aspx, so I delete them.