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" They also cuddled under the shade of a leafy tree.A source told Us Weekly that the relationship, "is serious and has really heated up." While another source commented, "It's a fun committed relationship for both of them.The only problem at times was the dodgy lighting- but considering most of it happened in the bunkers where Ray (Skarsgård), his wife (Andrea Riseborough) and their kid live, it's forgivable. The way he lost himself during the final part of the film is definitely miles away from how painstakingly calm his character was throughout most of the film, and this transition is fascinating to watch. His character in The Diary of a Teenage Girl, Monroe, is someone you should really hate- yet you find yourself sympathizing with him.

The upcoming movie is called War on Everyone, and it looks fun and exciting.

It's the first time we'll ever see him in a comedy film other than Zoolander, and it's buddy-cop comedy, no less!

The pair took a leisurely walk through the Gardens and stopped to take photos of one another in the arboreal surroundings.

Chung shared a photo of herself on her Instagram account, captioning it, "O rose, thou are sick!

Watch the trailer below: We'll toast an orange mocha frappuccino for your health and more projects, Alexander Skarsgård!